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Azelaic acid

Cas No. 123-99-9

99% min Medical Grade
Packing 20kg Fibre Drum
Cas No.123-99-9
EINECS 204-669-1
MDL MFCD00004432
Color & Appearances:White or off-white powder
Melting Point( ):105-107
Chlorides Ion(ppm): 1ppm
Sulfate Ion(ppm): 5ppm
Fe Ion(ppm): 5ppm
Cu Ion(ppm): 5ppm
Watert(%): 0.6%
(3) Product:
Chemical Name: Azelaic acid
Synonym: Rhododendron acid
CAS NO. :123-99-9
Product Name: DP C9DC-98
Molecular Formula: C9H16O4
Structural Formula: HOOC (CH2) 7COOH
Nature: azelaic acid (azelaic acid; 1,9-nonanedioicaid; 1,7-heptane dicarloxylic acid) also known as azaleas acid, is an important medium and long-chain dicarboxylic acid. Crystalline appearance, fog white solid, insoluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, alcohol, ether and other polar solvents.
(4) Application:
Azelaic acid is a medium-and long-chain dicarboxylic acid, azelaic acid and its derivatives in a wide range of industrial uses. 9 can be used for the production of nylon polymer is nylon 69 intermediates, can increase the flexibility of unsaturated polyester; for the acid - ethylene glycol polyester modifier. Azelaic Acid 2 for the excellent cold plasticizer plasticizer suitable for artificial leather, film, sheet, wire and cable sheathing, etc., in the plastic and r

Azelaic acid, Rhododendron acid, 17-Heptanedicarboxylic Acid, Nonanedioic Acid, Anchoic acid, 123-99-9, FEMA N/A, EINECS 204-669-1, MDL MFCD00004432

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