Aromatic Chemical


Cas No. 3658-77-3

99.5% min
Packing 20kg Carton
Cas No.3658-77-3
FEMA 3174
EINECS 222-908-8
MDL NO.MFCD00010706
Color & Appearances:White to pale yellow solid
Odor:With a very distinctive fruity,caramel or burnt pineapple odor
Solubility(25 deg.c.):1 gram soluble in 4ml of 95% ethanol
As Content:2ppm max
Heavy Metals(as Pb):10ppm max

Furanone, Furaneol, DMHF, Strawberry furanone, 2 5-Dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3[2H]-furanone, CARMELAN, HYDROXY DIMETHYL FURANONE, 3658-77-3, FEMA 3174, EINECS 222-908-8, MDL NO.MFCD00010706

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