Food Additive


Cas No. 22839-47-0

Packing 25kg Fibre Drum
Cas No.22839-47-0
EINECS 245-261-3
Color & Appearances:White crystalline powder
Assay(Titrimetric):98.0% to 102.0%(db)
Loss on Drying:4.5% max
Residue on Ignition(Sulphated Ash):0.2% max
Diketopiperzine(5-Benzyl-3,6-Dioxo-2-Piperazineacetic Acid):1.5% max
Organic Volatile Impurities:in conformity with USP
Other Related Substances:2.0% max
Transmittance:95.0% min
Heavy Metals(as Pb):10ppm max
Lead(Pb):1ppm max
Arsenic(As):3ppm max
Conductivity(uMhos/Cm):30 max
PH:4.5 to 6.0 units
L-alpha-Aspartyl L-Phenylalanine:0.25% max
L-Phenylalanine:0.5% max
Total Aerobic Count:100 CFU/g max
Moulds and Yeasts:100 CFU/g max
Salmonella S.D.:Negative

Aspartame, APM, Nutrasweet, L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester, Canderel, L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl, 22839-47-0, FEMA N/A, EINECS 245-261-3

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